guinness & footie

Last night I had three pints of guinness last night and some pizza (yup)  My friend and I started taking turns calling this local brewery Piece and bugging them to bring back the lager they had on tap a few weeks back.  It really was their best brew, even better than the ones that won the world beer cup the past few years. 

Wednesday I had a couple pints of Newcastle at the bar while watching the Arsenal match, and I actually got a free pint of Guinness when the bartender mistakenly brought me one instead of another Newcastle.  If you've never been to the bar to watch a premier league match it's generally all brits who are over here for whatever reason and they all drink Guinness, so it was an honest mistake by the bartender.  He caught it a couple minutes later and gave me another Newcastle on the house, so I can't complain. 

This weekend my rec league team has playoffs so I don't have any plans to drink prior to the game,  I drank last Saturday night before our Sunday morning game and was so dehydrated I could barely run.  But I'll probably end up drinking Sunday night at the empty bottle.  Mark Burgess is playing and they've got cheap drinks so I'm sure I'll have a few, the bottle is one of the cheaper venues to drink at.

drinking journal

first update in almost two years-- i've been drinking too much.  i think i'll start recording what i drink since i can't think of a better use for this journal.  maybe then i will realize how stupid it is to spend so much money on booze and start cutting back.

last night i had five pints of newcastle, the first four were at this place called halligan's and they were a deal, only $2.50 each (half off tuesdays) but the last one was full price at the red lion pub a little further north on lincoln.  we went there because it was the only way i could convince my friend to come out, she didn't want to go to a bar but she found the red lion pub on some list of the best fish n chips in the city and i told her i was buying.  i didn't order any food, i guess the beer filled me up, but i did try my friend's fish 'n chips.  she absolutely loved them, and i thought they were pretty good too.

monday night i ended up at small bar while we waited for my friend's car to be repaired at some guy's garage up the street.  i had four pints of anchor small beer which i really liked.  i liked the bar too, i thought the people there had pretty good taste in music after hearing what they were playing on the juke box.  i think my favorite tracks of the night were ll cool j's i need love and depeche mode's personal jesus.

tonight i'm going to see the thermals at subterranean and my plan is to only bring enough money for one drink.


i saw skinny puppy last night at the congress theatre. i went by myself because my friends have never heard of skinny puppy and didn't want to spend $25 on a ticket, sigh. the place is in the mexican hood on the west side but just about everyone inside was white, except there was this one really tall black dude with a ponytail i saw dancing. the show kicked my ass, the crowd was really cool and was such a huge contrast from the pixies crowd last week. i only recognized like 3-4 songs they played but all the songs were awesome hard synth/dance/noise and it was cool to see so many people dancing (unlike the pixies show) if you ever get the chance i recommend you check them out.
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wished i was a giant

got my ass kicked playing soccer today. these guys on the other team sucked but when they have a foot and 100 lbs on me i kept getting knocked off the ball. i've decided i'm just too damn small. i could start lifting weights but i doubt that will make any difference. there are guys my size that are awesome but i am nowhere near as fast as them. i don't know what else i can do, there aren't any other sports i want to play, i like to skate but it's just not the same, i never meet anyone skating, i just go and do it on my own.

i'm sure it didn't help that i was out drinking til 4 am last night. i seriously need to make some friends that don't like to drink all the time. i can't remember the last time i ever saw any of my friends and we didn't fucking drink, it is out of hand i don't even like to drink that much.

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i got the job

so just after i post my rant about not having a good job i get an email from a company i interviewed at earlier this year. it turns out they have an opening now and they want to hire me. this will be my first salary job with real benefits, i still can't even believe it. i don't even want to go into my old job this weekend but i can make another $150 if i work both days so i'm gonna force myself to do it. this couldn't have happened at a better time, my birthday is in two weeks and i'm actually going to have a reason to be happy this year. my friends aren't going to recognize me anymore, i'm actually in a good mood for a change :-
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